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Below are Marketing Solutions that show how our different technical marketing services work together to create a supercharging effect on lead generation. They can supercharge YOUR business!

Problem: How to Expand a Service to a New Market
Solution: Engage New Prospects with LinkedIn Ads

Client has a well-established existing service they want to introduce into new market areas.

  1. Develop Strategy for launching service into new market area
  2. Add description of service in the new market to Website
  3. Develop Sales Support materials for each stage of buying process
  4. Create LinkedIn ads targeting pain points of new prospects Link the
  5. LinkedIn ads to new content on the website

Problem: Seasonal Sales Fluctuation
Solution: Drive sales with an Email Campaign

Client wants to balance their workload and cash flow throughout the year by increasing business during slow times and focusing less on services popular during the busy times.

  1. Adjust Website messaging to highlight services offered during slow times
  2. Develop Sales promotions for highlighted services and add to website
  3. Announce sales promotions on Social Media company pages
  4. Launch promotions in a monthly customer Email with links to the website
  5. Build Email list by asking prospects to join on website and social pages

Problem: Low Sales Volume of High-Margin Products
Solution: Boost Volume with a Targeted Promotion

Client wants to sell more of their highest margin products.

  1. Strategize and identify customers most likely to buy high-margin products
  2. Adjust Website content, support materials to highlight these products
  3. Create enticing Sales promotions for these clients
  4. Launch Email campaign announcing the offer
  5. Link to full blog posts on Website
  6. Promote offers and articles on LinkedIn page

Problem: Website Not Generating Leads
Solution: Redesign to Boost SEO and Lead Generation

Client’s website is not supporting the company’s sales process. Client wants to build a new website designed for lead generation.

  1. Identify major pain points of prospects and buying cycle steps
  2. Develop keyword Strategy for website pages based on pain points
  3. Choose keywords for each page to boost Website search ranking
  4. Design collateral that helps prospects move through buying process with Sales Support
  5. Add Blog posts to further boost search ranking
  6. Add invitation to join Email list on blog posts and social media
  7. Promote posts on Social Media pages to increase visibility

Problem: Empty Seats in Technical Training Classes
Solution: Fill Classes Using Email and Ad Campaigns

  1. Formulate Strategy for filling classes
  2. Create schedule and descriptions of upcoming classes
  3. Post class schedule on Website
  4. Build an Email List of previous class attendees
  5. Announce new schedule via email to previous attendees
  6. Have Sales Team send new schedule to customers
  7. Post new schedule on Social Media
  8. Create LinkedIn ads to promote classes
  9. Request class reviews to post on Social Media

The video helped us say in 60 seconds what we were trying to tell customers in a concise way.

Quincy Obioha

Todd and I are both very impressed with your talents and appreciate your attention to precise wording and meaning!

Amy Katz & Todd

I wanted to let you know we have had more inquiries from the website in the past 2 months than we have in all the years I can remember.

Chris Smith

Helping to define what our company is and what to focus on. I get much more value than a flyer. The flyer (or whatever it might be) is the end result of a lot of thinking, discussions, and sometimes reconfiguring of the company.

Happy Client

Value you bring…
-Gets much more than marketing
-When we do a project, it gets me to think through things
-Sometimes making changes to our company structure.
-Understanding of technical terminology. It does not scare you.

Happy Client