Tech Talk

Your Sales Team Needs More Leads

Technical Marketing is a Lead Generating Machine

Generate More Leads Increase Sales Effectiveness Win Your Ideal Customers

TECHTALK MARKETING offers strategic, data-driven technical marketing services. We specialize in helping technology product companies and engineering firms boost lead generation and close more sales with ideal clients.

Reach Your Goals with Technical Marketing

Much more than just building a website or ordering logo shirts, TECHNICAL MARKETING is like the targeting and guidance system for sales. It transforms your business by attracting customers that are the best match for your offering. Ideal customers are typically more satisfied, and lead to repeat/referral business and higher profitability.

How the Lead Machine Works

Stay Focused On Cool Technology – We’ll Do Your Marketing

Technology Background

Unique among marketing firms, we have education and experience in both marketing and technology. This allows us to ramp up quickly – saving you time – and strategize with you on new opportunities.

Proprietary Methods

Take advantage of our proprietary methods developed specifically for firms like yours over 30 years of experience. These methods provide a step-by-step process for winning more of your ideal clients.

Concrete Deliverables

Experience with marketing services is not necessary to work with us successfully. We use a familiar process – development of a project plan with requirements, deliverables, schedule, and budget.

The video helped us say in 60 seconds what we were trying to tell customers in a concise way.

Quincy Obioha

Todd and I are both very impressed with your talents and appreciate your attention to precise wording and meaning!

Amy Katz & Todd

I wanted to let you know we have had more inquiries from the website in the past 2 months than we have in all the years I can remember.

Chris Smith

Helping to define what our company is and what to focus on. I get much more value than a flyer. The flyer (or whatever it might be) is the end result of a lot of thinking, discussions, and sometimes reconfiguring of the company.

Happy Client

Value you bring…
-Gets much more than marketing
-When we do a project, it gets me to think through things
-Sometimes making changes to our company structure.
-Understanding of technical terminology. It does not scare you.

Happy Client