Marketing Strategy

Expand Your Market Reach

Marketing Strategy Development

Win New Customers in New Ways in New Markets

An effective marketing strategy acts as the targeting and guidance system for your sales team, mapping the route to your goals. Build your lead machine with creative strategies that expand your addressable market, win your ideal customers, and promote your highest margin items to boost profitability.

Market in New Ways

Market your products and services in new, creative ways designed to catch the attention of your prospects. Gain access to innovative ideas working with TechTalk!

Win Your Ideal Customers

Leverage our proprietary method to target and win your ideal customers. Get the good ones with a method formulated through work with technology and engineering firms.

Increase High-Margin Sales

Boost profitability by selling more of your highest-margin products and services. TechTalk can help with promotional strategies that kick these areas into high gear!

Expand to New Markets

Thinking of entering a new market? Say yes to success with attention-grabbing launch strategies from TechTalk, with support materials that help your sales team crush it.

The video helped us say in 60 seconds what we were trying to tell customers in a concise way.

Quincy Obioha

Todd and I are both very impressed with your talents and appreciate your attention to precise wording and meaning!

Amy Katz & Todd

I wanted to let you know we have had more inquiries from the website in the past 2 months than we have in all the years I can remember.

Chris Smith

Helping to define what our company is and what to focus on. I get much more value than a flyer. The flyer (or whatever it might be) is the end result of a lot of thinking, discussions, and sometimes reconfiguring of the company.

Happy Client

Value you bring…
-Gets much more than marketing
-When we do a project, it gets me to think through things
-Sometimes making changes to our company structure.
-Understanding of technical terminology. It does not scare you.

Happy Client